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In some cases it is  necessary that a translation needs to be sworn in and legalised. In this case Lingua can swear and legalise your translations. The swearing of a translation is done by a sworn translator, this is someone who is officially been sworn in by the court and thus someone who is authorised to produce sworn translations.


A sworn translation is a document, which is officially signed, dated and stamped by a sworn translator and accompanied by the translator's statement concerning its truthfulness. In the statement the sworn translator confirms that the translation is a truthful translation in the target language of the original document. In general, documents used in formal cases are sworn in by a sworn translator (e.g. legal sector). Some examples of translations that need to be sworn in by a sworn translator are:


  • articles of association,
  • verdicts
  • marriage, birth and death certificates
  • bailiff's notifications and notarial acts
  • etc.


Some authorities require also the authentication of the sworn translator's signature through what is known as an apostille or signature authentication certificate. For this the translator needs to go to the registrar of the court where his or her signature was deposited. Here the chief secretary of the court will authenticate the translation(s) and they can usually be collected within a period of maximum couple of days.

full legalisation procedure is be applied when the translation is meant for countries which have not signed the "Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents" (The Hague, 1961). This procedure, which is performed under the auspices of the president of the court where the translator is registered, is far more complex than the above authentication procedure. This is because the document, after the signature authentication process, will need to be presented to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate of the country in question.





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